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The Biker Build-Off Ultimate Chop

The Biker Build-Off Ultimate Chop Awards ceremony was held in Las Vegas. The Finch Crew arrived on Monday, March 28th. The builders went on a ride and participated in some other activities. The Award ceremony was held on Friday, April 1st. Congratulations to all of the participants. All of the motorcycles were awesome. It was such a great experience to see them all in one place.

The Fam on Freemont Street Finch in the Valley of Fire Arch
Van in the Valley of Fire Double Cross and Ron going for a ride in the CIty of Lights.
Bikes lined up Bikes in a row

Kendall Johnson and Matt Hotch riding the Black Carpet.

Kendall Johnson

indian Larry's Bikes

Paul Cox on Indian Larry's Motorcycle

Mondo and motorcycle

Mondo Pouras

Arlen Ness on the Banana Boat

Arlen Ness

Rick Fairless's Bike

Rick Fairless

Rick Fairlees went up against Matt Hotch for his build.

Mural of Matt Hotch on Rick Fairless's bike

Cole Foster has a sweet bike and is a really sweet guy.

Cole Foster's Motorcycle

Hank Young

Hank Young's Motorcycle

Eric Gogres on Superstition

Eric Gorges of Voodoo Choppers

Mike Pugliese's Bike


Mike Pugliese's Motorcycle

Zero Engineering

Zero Engineering

Jamie of the Detroit Brothers

Eddie Trotta

Eddie Trotta

Cory Ness's Motorcycle


Guys on the ride Guys on the ride in the front
The Ultimate Chop Award