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Double Cross

This motocycle, built for the Biker Build-Off, in June was completed in record time. Much like all of Ron's bikes, the attention to detail and intricacy, makes this bike unique. Ron's use of color makes Double Cross even more uniquely Finch. We would like to thank the team that helped make this work of art come to life. There was a massive amount of work that went into this project, and there is NO WAY that Ron could have done it alone.

Ron Grinding Chuck working
Ron Finch and Eric Gorges Crossing the Frame
Ron Measuring Ron and the frame
Ron working Screwie working on Feet Boards
Ron working on the seat Ron sitting  measuring  where the handlebars should go
Frame in paint Fender with gas tank and oil tank
Frame in next stage of paint Close-up of seat in paint
In Paint Putting it back together
Front of frame and triple trees Rear fender
The Seat Dozer getting it together
Working hard Front edn with PIAA lights on
Dyno Dan and Ron The Finished Product
Double Cross Double Cross
Ron, Family and Double Cross